Games & Trivia : Join2Chat provides online games and online trivia. Online trivia has over 30,000 questions about General topics, Sports, Movies, Science, and more. Includes user scores, bonus points saved on our secured database. Online games available for anyone to play and enjoy from sports, mind twisters and more.

IRC Chat Services : NS - Nickname Services. NS allows users to register nickname to prevent others from using your nickname. For commands: while in the chat type "/ns help".

CS - Channel Services. CS provides the ability to register a channel. This way CS can be used to give channel operator status to regulate operators, kick, ban, etc. in a channel. CS provides a very complete set of features for channel management, allowing complete control over your channel. Any user may register any channel they wish, but must comply with Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Every registered channel will receive CS which will help channel operators to control the channel. For commands: while in the chat type "/cs help".

MS - Memo Services. MS offers a way to send short messages to registered users who are offline. This allows registered users to quickly tell offline registered users a memo, without a chance of forgetting it. For commands: while in the network type "/ms help".


    If you want to install our chat on your website, just add an iframe to your page.

    Between iframe tag add src="" height="620" width=100% frameborder="0">