About us

Join2Chat Network was founded in 2007. The Network was not publicly known to anyone, we ran specific Java website chats that connected users to the IRC network. Then we converted to flash chat running flash policy daemon on our servers, the flash chat had more modern look, reliable and all users enjoyed the flash chat. In 2011 we as a team have decided to publicly announce Join2Chat Network server and services for all users who love online entertainment to enjoy the uptime, services and friendly atmosphere we have in our network.

We have a team with moderators, administrators, and technicians which has made Join2Chat.com number one across other networks.

We believe building a friendly community with different nationalities allowing users meeting new people across the world. Some users may become friends, some may have different opinions, some may even have relationships and some may learn or teach others new things.

Join2Chat wishes you the best experience in our Network.